I am a highly motivated and innovative thinker who is driven to positively impact the way society operates and how people live. This is one of my creative spaces to show the world how I see it.

Going back to my earlier years, I was always fascinated by flight. I remember making giant model airports with planes and constantly having my head pointed up at the sky. This led to the attainment of my Student Pilot License and flying solo at the age of 16; it's an expensive hobby and now I miss it. My obsession grew from flight to aerodynamics in general back in high school. Particularly, aerodynamics in motorsport captured my eye. My competitive nature took hold of me, and Formula 1 became my new addiction. The constant push for more using the latest technology and engineering techniques inspires me.

I have now recently graduated from Aerospace Engineering and Commerce at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). A lot of my time at university was spent with my Formula Student team, Monash Motorsport. Over there I was heavily involved with the aerodynamics, business and senior leadership teams, with my most recent work focusing on organisational psychology. This enormous project allowed me to better understand what drives me as a person. I constantly crave a bigger picture understanding and ultimately I want to inspire people to make a difference.

Hopefully this website will allow me to further explore my creativity. I believe that in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

michael.kogan [at] icloud.com
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